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From Mrs. Maine America 2014 Liza Smith and her family, as well as the Mrs. Maine America Organization...We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Vassalboro 2015

Mrs. Vassalboro 2015 Erron Jacques participated in her hometown Christmas Parade with her family.

Christmas Fun in Wells!

Mrs. Wells 2015 Beth Jones and Mrs. Wells Beach 2015 Karen MacNeill had a wonderful time participating in the annual Southern Maine Christmas Parade held in Wells.  Happy Holidays!

Ringing in the Holidays!

Mrs. Augusta 2015 Lauren Wallace helped welcome the holiday season at the annual tree lighting in downtown Augusta.

The Freeport Sparkle Parade is an annual tradition and the Mrs. Maine America Organization loves to participate in it.  This year, several of our 2015 Contestants rode on a float they created and sang Christmas Carols while celebrating the holiday season.

Mrs. Presque Isle 2015 Melinda Corey participated in her towns annual Lights Parade.
Mrs. South Portland 2015 Marla Crossetti and her family attended the annual South Portland Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.