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The Gutsy Girl’s Guide to Success Workshop

The Gutsy Girl’s Guide to Success Workshop
Teaches you specific strategies for evaluating your current reality
Provides inspiration & techniques to clarify YOUR version of successGuides you through creating action plans to tackle the big dreamsOur very own Mrs. Windham 2011 Lisa Valentine was honored to serve as a speaker at this workshop.  Lisa has worked in the marketing capacity for over 10 years and currently serves as Marketing Manager for PowerPay, a Portland-based financial services firm.  Lisa has been a guiding force on the Maine Marketing Association Board and just finished up a one year stint as the Association's President. 

Noah's Walk

The 1st Annual Noah's Walk was held in Biddeford on October 16th.  Mrs. Saco 2011 Jennifer Profenno was on hand to help with registrations.
The walk was held in honor of those families who lost an infant to miscarriage, SIDS, or stillbirth.

Mrs. Maine Workshop

The 2nd Mrs. Maine Workshop took place on October 16th at Pushard's Maine Isshinryu Karate Academy, owned by former Mrs. Maine America 1996 Rebecca Pushard.  

Mrs. Cumberland Amy Bond, Mrs. Biddeford Kerry Berry, Mrs. Maine 2000 Randi Preis, Mrs. Maine 2010 Christine Blake, Mrs. Maine 1996 Rebecca Pushard, Mrs. Waterboro Marie Gerry, and Mrs. Saco Jennifer Profenno

Noah's Walk

Mrs. Maine America Christine Blake and her family volunteered at the 1st Annual Noah's Walk Candlelight Vigil on October 15th at Biddeford Pool.  
Noah's Walk was created for families who have lost infants by miscarriage, SIDS, or stillbirth.  The walk was held the next morning and Mrs. Saco 2011 Jennifer Profenno volunteered with registrations.

North American Wife Carrying Championship

The 11th Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship was held at Sunday River Ski Resort on October 9, 2010.  50 couples from all over the USA competed and our very own Mrs. Maine America 2010 Christine Blake and her husband were among them. They finished an impressive 14th place out of the 50 with a time of 1 minute 20 seconds!