Local Titleholder Appearances

Mrs. Limington 2017 Nichole Champ and her husband attended the viewing of "Travis, A Soldier's Story".  This was a fundraiser for the Travis Mills Foundation and Travis himself was in attendance.

Mrs. Gorham 2017 Cynthia Peters and Mrs. Limington 2017 Nichole Champ were in attendance at the annual Women, Wine and Wellness event, hosted by Leading Edge Chiropractic.

Habitat for Humanity

Several 2017 Contestants, along with Miss Maine Teen USA 2017 Victoria Timm and Miss Maine USA 2017 Brooke Harris, volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity Women's Build-Scarborough location.  This is an organization that Mrs. Maine America Contestants have been involved with for the past several years.

Our Sponsors!

We are so fortunate to have support from so many businesses who help create the prize package for our winners!  More to come...


LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!  Join us for the 2017 Mrs. Maine America Pageant on April 29th & 30th!  Don't wait another minute to begin YOUR journey to the crown!

Poise New England Magazine

Mrs. Maine America 2016 Jessica Snowdeal and her New England pageant sisters are featured in this month's Poise New England magazine!

United Farmer Veteran's of Maine

Mrs. Hampden 2017 Crystal Favati and Mrs. Farmington 2017 Briana Noles volunteering at the United Farmer Veteran's of Maine booth at the Agricultural Show in Bangor. UFV is a veteran non profit that helps veterans in agriculture farm, develop agri-business, train farmers, lobby for farms, and give vets a helping

Mrs. Hampden

Mrs. Hampden 2017 Crystal Favati is the featured Breast Cancer Survivor for January in The Pink Runway Project 2017 calendar, which showcases Breast Cancer Survivors from

Crystal also received the Maine Education Opportunities Association Rising Star Award!