Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Lori participated in the Biddeford/Saco Memorial Day Parade!

Miss Vacationland Pageant

Lori had the pleasure of being a judge for the 
2015 Miss Vacationland Pageant.

Lori w/pageant director Casey Bonville

Lori w/Mrs. Presque Isle '15 Melinda Corey

Friday, May 22, 2015

92 Moose Morning Show

Lori traveled to Augusta to do a radio interview on the 
92 Moose Morning Show!

Veronica's Creations

Lori had a consultation with Veronica Cedre' of Veronica's Creations.  Veronica will create Lori's state costume for the Mrs. America Pageant.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5k

Mother's Day marked the annual Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5k in Portland.  Mrs. Maine America 2015 Lori Geroulo-White volunteered, along with many other community members.  All proceeds raised are divided between Maine Cancer Community and the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, to help Maine women battling breast cancer.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Bids for Kids Auction was held in Portland on May 1st.  Lori volunteered for this event last year and returned this year as the new Mrs. Maine America 2015!


Suicide Awareness & Prevention is Lori's platform.  She has a personal connection to this, as she lost her father to suicide as a little girl.  Lori will team up with NAMI/Maine this year and help promote their organization.  She met with two of the organizers Cheryl Ramsay and Heather Carter to discuss plans for her involvement.

Miss Maine/Maine's Outstanding Teen Pageant

Showing support for Maine Pageantry!
Lori attended the 2015 Miss Maine/Maine's Outstanding Teen Pageant in Portland.  

Lori & Mrs. ME '14 2nd Runner Up Courtney Vannah
Alexis Wintle is crowned Maine's Outstanding Teen 2015!
Kelsey Earley wins Miss Maine 2015 on her 5th try!
Lori met the Maine Potato Queen and Miss Mini Maine
Lori & Mrs. ME '10 Christine Blake

Trisha's Gown & Dress Boutique

Lori visited pageant sponsor Trisha's Gown & Dress Boutique in Topsham and used her Gift Certificate to select a beautiful cocktail dress to wear at Mrs. America.  Thank you Lindsay Farr for your continued support of our organization!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Official Photo Shoot

Lori had her 1st Official Mrs. Maine America Photo Shoot with Focus Photography, just a few days after her crowning.   Below are some of the gifts Lori received as part of her prize package and we thank those sponsors for their generosity!

Arbonne Gift Bag provided by Destiny Cook
Younique Swag Bag & 3D Fiber Lashes compliments of Devan Tuttle
The Makeup Eraser give by Stacy Stanley
Silk handpainted dress created by Maine Fashion Designer Michael Shyka
Crown Earrings & Bracelet designed by Beads by Aimee
Handcrafted Dragonfly Necklace from JBrown Designs
Custom Tote Bag created by Helen's Originals
Rhinestone Crown Pin compliments of My Girlfriend's House
Mystic Topaz Long Necklace from Earrings & Company

Thank You Focus Photography

 We would like to thank Focus Photography for another year of beautiful photos!  Your continued support of our organization is so appreciated!

2015 Mrs. Maine America Contestants
Shawn, Lori, Isabella, and Benjamin
Top 5
Lori and Family
The Judges
The newest addition to the Mrs. Maine America Sisterhood

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Behind the Scenes

 Mrs. Maine America 2015 Lori Geroulo-White had her official photo shoot with Focus Photography!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Newspaper Interviews

 Mrs. Maine America 2015 Lori Geroulo-White has been featured in an article in The Star Herald/Presque Isle (along with Mrs. Presque Isle 2015 Melinda Corey) and The Journal Tribune/York County

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pageant Weekend 2015

 Day Two of pageant weekend began with breakfast and dress rehearsal.  At 3:00 pm, the show began with a fun opening number featuring the 2015 contestants, Mrs. Maine America 2014 Liza smith, and their husbands.  The Swimsuit and Evening Gown competitions were presented to an audience of nearly 300 people and the Judges panel.  The Top 10 were announced and each answered an on stage question.  After the Top 5 was named, the 4 runners up received their awards and flowers, leaving one woman standing as the winner.  She is Lori Geroulo-White, the new Mrs. Maine America 2015!

Emcee Rebecca Pushard interviewing Mrs. ME America '14

Mrs. Maine America 2014 Liza Smith and husband Ryan

Mrs. Augusta Lauren Wallace and husband Nicolaus

Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague and husband Christopher

Mrs. Glenburn Brooke Ismail and husband Steven

Mrs. Gorham Stacey Coleman and husband Jesse

Mrs. Hollis Heather Cote and husband Chris

Mrs. Portland Melissa Malone-Soutuyo and husband Angel

Mrs. Presque Isle Melinda Corey and husband Brian

Mrs. Raymond Dawn Elwell and husband Nick

Mrs. Saco Lori Geroulo-White and husband Shawn

Mrs. South Portland Marla Crossetti and husband Steve

Mrs. Topsham Crystal Shorey and husband Jeremy

Mrs. Vassalboro Erron Jacques and husband Anthony

Mrs. Waterboro Chara Gannett and husband Frank

Mrs. Wells Beth Jones and husband Travis

Mrs. Wells Beach Karen MacNeill and husband Jim

Mrs. Westbrook Jennifer Skinsacos and husband Nicholas

Mrs. Windham Jessica Toher and husband Greg

TOP 10

Mrs. Wells Beach Karen MacNeill
Mrs. Topsham Crystal Shorey
Mrs. Wells Beth Jones
Mrs. Hollis Heather Cote
Mrs. Waterboro Chara Gannett
Mrs. Saco Lori Geroulo-White
Mrs. Glenburn Brooke Ismail
Mrs. Portland Melissa Malone-Soutuyo
Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague
Mrs. Vassalboro Erron Jacques


Mrs. Portland Melissa Malone-Soutuyo
Mrs. Saco Lori Geroulo-White
Mrs. Topsham Crystal Shorey
Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague
Mrs. Waterboro Chara Gannett


4th Runner Up - Mrs. Portland Melissa Malone-Soutuyo
3rd Runner Up - Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague
2nd Runner Up - Mrs. Waterboro Chara Gannett
1st Runner Up - Mrs. Topsham Crystal Shorey
Mrs. Maine America 2015 - Mrs. Saco Lori Geroulo-White


Mrs. Congeniality - Mrs. Wells Beach Karen MacNeill
Mrs. Photogenic - Mrs. Hollis Heather Cote
Director's Award - Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague
Marriage Longevity Award - Mrs. Wells Beach Karen MacNeill
Spirit Award - Mrs. Westbrook Jennifer Skinsacos
Interview Award - Mrs. Waterboro Chara Gannett
Swimsuit Award - Mrs. Bowdoin Katherine Sprague
Evening Gown Award - Mrs. Saco Lori Geroulo-White
Volunteer of the Year - Christine Blake